Training with the Kids

Have you ever wanted to go to a training program that helps you build your business and teach you how to improve and promote it? I certainly have, but for most woman out there who do own their home based business, going to these locations for training can seem a bit difficult at times, especially when it often turns out that you have to leave the children home being cared for by their loved ones. That is truly a bummer which causes us mothers to think…Should I or Shouldn’t I go? We work from home because we want to spend more time with our kids, without the worry of spending that extra buck to have a total stranger watch over your child or worse, harm them. You would assume this would be that way when it comes to Our Hearts Desire, but NO, its not.

I want to invite ALL mothers to join OHD today and come to our training site which includes our children within that training. As to what this training is all about that includes our children within it to gives us security and a calm heart that they will enjoy it just as much as we do, that would have to be acknowledge when you are actually there. Take it as a summer vacation with the family, spouse included and kids are free within a certain age range. Come to our training and become a rewarding, confident, and professional consultant. Its free for 3o days and after that it is affordable to continue on becoming a consultant for just $9.95 a month. Take that step and enjoy Summer at Training with the Kids convention.Ā 

Training with the Kids

Training with the Kids


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