Happy Anniversary OHD!!

10301432_10152664678133109_6855349594180586332_n Yes! One whole year and it has been pretty phenomenal. I have to say that providing new services has never been better and it will continue to grow with new items in store and new services for just about anyone. If your not sure what I mean, OHD has been absolutely on top of things when it comes to Jewelry that you can customize, Scented wax tarts that last for up to 24 hours even when off the electric warmer, Desiderata skin and hair products, and the new Orange Hat Digital app that allows business and even professionals to have their very own app for the phone and internet, the whole shebang baby!.

Now after one year there are more surprises coming soon and I can’t wait to show you all. Your going to be like “O…M…Gee, I want that”. Your going to love it, absolutely love it.

And here is another update. OHD is taking the time to thank all of us 5k consultants for reaching this unprecedented amount in annual sales. The first in the direct sales company to reach this amount within one year. Wow, is all I can say. We could not have done it if it weren’t for our valued customers.


In conclusion, we should always remember that when it comes to direct sales, any thing can be accomplished if you put your heart to it. Never give up, and never let it go. These kinds of opportunities help a single mom and dad earn some minimal income. Please support your single moms and dads who lost their jobs by taking a chance to let them provide you their services. Your giving them a chance to put food on the table, buy shoes for their child or pay a bill. Thank you everyone! ❤ ya 😉



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