Hyatt Regency in Dallas, TX: OHD Convention not to be Missed!

Ladies and Gentlemen,


OHD Convention

By tomorrow I will be attending an amazing convention hosted by Our Hearts Desire Owners; Paul & Stacey Mikel. I am superly excited since I have always wanted to visit Dallas, Tx for a very long time. I am looking forward to the special training that is being provided by this amazing company that I love very much. The support it offers is out of this world, none I have ever seen by any other at home business opportunity that I ever joined, and believe me I have joined a few that I felt I could handle and in the end have broken nothing but my pockets. With OHD I have made money from the very beginning of starting my home business and finally getting well known in my area for providing the best customer service and sales.

This training will help me further myself in such a way that I can’t imagine how awesome it will be, but I will do my very best to introduce all photos as much as possible to my blog, to share with you what I have learn and seen from them. I look forward to tomorrow and will return on Sunday.  Wish me the best of luck! =D


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