Just another challenge

Well it suddenly hit me. As I age into an older woman, my body finally told me “Milly, I’m tired of ignoring this pain. You need to do something about it”, and thus I have fallen to the predicament that I could not barely walk, stand or even sit for no more than five minutes. Laying down was even excruciating and sleepless nights made it worse with each pain. The medications help but not by much…sigh, I am not one to complain bout it, but that is life. Now, will I let it get to me? No, will I let it stop me from continuing my mission for a better future? No, will I go further with my passion in what I do and sell? Yes, because I believe in myself and the business I provide. Some individuals find themselves in far more worst situations and that does not stop them from continuing their dream, their American Dream. So, why should I?

Pain was when I gave birth to my beautiful children. Pain was there when I got hit by that driver and kept going without ever realizing he hit me because he was too busy checking his glove compartment. Pain was I felt when I lost a dear friend to cancer. We all feel pain, but in the end we continue to move on. We push ourselves even when our bodies tries to convince us that it is time to give up. I say “Hell No!”. Pardon my french but that is the truth. I don’t want to give up on something I chose to start and I don’t plan on giving up. The only way that would happen is if my body is cold stiff. I am a strong willed woman ready to take on any challenge no matter what, with these pains included. I have to do this for myself and my family. This injury due to that hit with the car that had occurred in 2008 caused me my job, but it will not cost me business.

I want to thank everyone here for taking the time to read my silly posts and offers that I and the OHD company provides. I hope and pray that you continue to support me with that I do by liking my post and following.

In conclusion, I would like to add that if you ever feel that urge that is telling you to give up because life just hit you hard. Tell yourself.









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