New Product Announcement =D

Hair & Skin Product

Hair & Skin Product

During the training in Dallas, TX I learned that my store will be shipping out a brand new product. I am now introducing Desiderata. The smell is divine. I completely fell in love with the product and after trying out the samples I went straight to pre-ordering them. Listed below is the products ingredients in short terms.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

I am willing to ship out any of the samples for anyone who is looking to try it out before buying the larger size product. If anyone would like to try out a 2oz version of the product which will be shipping out on February 5th, simply fill out the form below and I will send you an email message when the order has been made.

Now I know I mentioned on my previous post of photos that I would be taking, and sadly…my phone was the worse culprit ever. All my photos were blurred and damaged. But I will try my best to search a little further and see if I can set up a few images taken to share with you all. I had an amazing time in Texas and I truly did not want to leave. Its even sad when you finally get to greet a friend you loved for over 10 yrs and saying goodbye was the hardest thing ever…but that’s a story I won’t reveal too much. Would be scandalous ;D



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